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Language Learning Consultant

How much growth would be possible for you if you could reach out to people around the globe in their language?

What new worlds could you explore? 

Let me show you.

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Language learning is my passion.

I’ve been a foreign language teacher and curriculum designer since 1998.

I believe that the best way to build cross-cultural trust and understanding is by learning other languages.

I also believe that learning a language is a journey.

Let me help you get there.

Here from TTLO? Start here.


Is your foreign language program accessible and available to all?


Schedule an accessibility review of your instructional materials based on the Universal Design for Learning guidelines.

High Fives


Have you recently had to make the switch from face-to-face instruction to fully online? Are your materials just not cutting it in this new reality?


Let me and my team handle the heavy lifting on this one. We are adept at taking your existing activities from the brick-and-mortar classroom and transforming them for the virtual realm.



Will your face-to-face courses translate to the online world? Are you concerned about the time investment involved in transitioning from  brick-and-mortar classroom to an online one? Let me and my team make sure they do.

Virtual Team Meeting


Do you or your team members need some hands-on training on a tool your institution is using?

Do you think they need development, but you just can't put your figure on exactly what they need?

My team and I can assess your needs and provide tailored, hands-on workshops. Schedule one today.

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